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 Why Have a Solar system in St. George?

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Why Ionix Solar Solutions?

Will your solar panel system be dependable and economical? It absolutely will be, for two very important reasons. The first reason to expect excellence from your Ionix solar panels is that we only use tier 1 panels. They are the highest quality solar panels on the market today, and therefore are the most efficient, durable, and reliable. You may be wondering about accidents, weather related incidents or malfunctions. Even the best products manufactured can sometimes encounter unforeseen extreme circumstances, right? Well the second reason to rest easy when using Ionix solar panel systems is that Ionix has partnered with the best solar insurer available. To date, we are the ONLY company in Idaho or Utah to offer a 30 year, “Bumper to bumper” warranty. That is almost unheard of until now, and offers peace of mind to st. George solar powered homes that choose Ionix.

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Making the Switch to Solar

Solar Eliminates Your Power Bill

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The Net Metering Program

Let The Government Pay For Part of Your Solar System!

For homeowners, choosing renewable solar energy will require a great deal of research, comparative analysis, and research on companies and equipment.

Many solar power companies operating in St. George offer customers the opportunity to lease their solar panel system, or sign a power purchasing agreement (PPA). They promote these choices as the best options for homeowners, citing possible lower costs. But they are not telling the whole story. When using either of these options, the tax incentives will go to the company, not the homeowner. To access government incentives for going green in your energy usage, you must be the owner of the solar power system. All things considered, the age old financial wisdom of owning versus renting is the same when it comes to solar panels. Renting benefits the bank or the company. Buying benefits the owner. The Fedrdal Government’s  solar tax credit will  26% of the cost of a St. George solar panel system. Not only that, but if the amount of your tax credit exceeds the amount of taxes you owe, the rest of the value of your tax credit can be claimed the following year as well. 

The professionals at Ionix Solar take pride in their craft and aim to offer the most affordable prices to their valued clients. 

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Our goal is to provide local residents and commercial owners to eliminate their utility bills while going green. We started Ionix due to the high demand for a local dealer, not the big box brands. It allows us to offer a more flexible buying experience for our customers, friends, and family.

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